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Ann in Diapers
Sept '04

Recently, my brother was able to procure one of the many photo albums that my mother guards fiercely (we don't want to lose them!). Here are a few photos from my childhood. I'm glad to see that I was screaming with joy back then, too.


Here's my brother, Vince, snuggling up to me in my infant days. Check out the plastic coating on the upholstery.

Ann and Vince  
Unhappy A bonnetted Ann squeals (with joy? frustration?) as she gets set on her own two feet.  
That's right: I'm a curly girl!
Curly Girl  
Halloween A classic Halloween shot: my brother (in the helmet) and his friends — and me wanting to hang out with them.  
It seems I was often screaming with joy.
Big Grin Even in my childhood days I had a little belly sticking out. Some things never change! (Don't you love the '70s wallpaper?)  
An Easter classic: Mom's amazing flowerpot hat, Vince's extremely big hair, me smiling so hard I had to close my eyes.
Family All dressed up and ready to go (to a wedding?). Dad looking sharp in his three-piece suit, Mom elegant in her pearls, Vince with a shortlived part in his hair, and sweet little Ann!  
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