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The Ann-a-Gram Archive

Here appears the entire backlist of previous issues of the Ann-a-Gram. Enjoy!

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2001 September

My first prayer letter called an "Ann-a-Gram," with an essay taking stock after four years on InterVarsity staff. October

Includes a classic quote from a student about fasting: "I get hungry."

This one has my all-time favorite Ann-a-Gram photo. :)    
2002 April

With an essay about students' connecting their faith and their studies. June

Gives the good progress report about the 2001-2002 school year.

Announces our move to St. Lou and bids farewell to volunteer Dan Knapp. December

Includes a note about my appearance in the national IVCF annual report. Whoo hoo!
2003 February

This issue notes the launch of! May

Features notes on "observation," plus a pregnancy denial. :)

Believe it or not, Jon talks with the tomatoes in this issue. September

Dr. Seuss and a large, inflatable, purple chair come into play at DePaul.

Tender places in the lives of students. Plus: "Hooray for the Cubs!"    
2004 February
Feb 2004

A big hug from a stranger at Urbana, plus a WinterFest forecast. June
June 2004

Rock on with Caryn! And a leadership team at Cedar Campus.
Sept 2004


Shepherding leaders and the priority of spiritual formation.

Technical note: We begin production using InDesign.

Nov 2004

Think small! (Small groups, that is.)
2005 April
April 2005

Special "Get in Shape" Issue — with a new "work-out" regimen for DePaul IVCF and Ann's "Lessons from the Water." July
July 2005

Word about my "new job," a new piano, and a new tree.
September 2005

Four new believers at DePaul's first large group of the year! November
November 2005

Student-leader forecast — and we're having a baby!
2006 January
January 2006

Plans for Baby, plus "What kind of heart do you have?" April
April 2006

Wonderful Winterfest — plus more pregnancy news than you can stand.
August 2006

November 2006

2007 June
June 2007

October 2007

December 2007

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