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Questions for Advent
November '05

I mentioned this list of questions for Advent reflection, preparation, and celebration in my latest newsletter. Here is the complete list for your own enjoyment! I hope God speaks to you through your reflection.


  • What evidence of God's activity have I seen in my life this year?
  • What habits have helped me to stay attuned to the Holy Spirit?
  • What habits have hindered my awareness of my connection to the Lord?


  • What activities might God be inviting me to engage in this Advent to prepare for the celebration of his birth?
  • What habits do I need to have in place this winter to keep my relationship with Jesus vital?
  • How might God be wanting me to share the love of Christ with others over Winter Break?
  • What support networks do I need to have around me to stay strong in my faith?

    Some ideas

    quiet times — retreats of silence — Bible study with others — church attendance — serving others (soup kitchen, Salvation Army, caroling, visiting the sick and elderly) — leading a GIG — writing your small group members — read a Christian book for spiritual growth (maybe something about Advent?)


  • What traditions do I want to participate in or initiate to celebrate Advent and Christmas with my family and friends?
  • How shall I involve myself with my church or Christian community to celebrate Christmas this year?
  • How can I take ownership in holiday festivities this year so that I can be truly present to those around me?

    Some ideas

    baking and cooking with family — making gifts for others — lighting Advent candles and reading scripture together — listen to Handel’s Messiah — visit lonely people or invite them to your home — make Christmas decorations (cranberry and popcorn strings, cookies, etc.) — set up a crèche (nativity scene) — write letters to people who have been important to you — sing in your church choir this season

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